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Raw Wildflower Honey - Full Spectrum Hemp Infused - Kosher Certified ✡ - 60mg/oz (33% CBD). All Ingredients sourced locally Evergreen, CO. Wholesale orders please use the contact page. 60mg /oz.

With tons of beneficial properties, you can buy clover/raw wildflower honey from the website in the best price. The honey provided on the website is Kosher certified and contains 33% CBD. You can also contact us for wholesale orders. You can visit our website and look at the section of clover honey for sale online. Orders can be accepted in bulk as well by our team.

Clover honey is also termed as raw honey. Below are the few properties of raw honey which will amaze you:

  • It is considered as the best wound healer.
  • People use it for getting the best skin tone as it is rich in antioxidant which contains flavonoids and phenolic compounds.
  • People with respiratory infections and cough issues, use raw honey as a cough suppressant
  • As raw honey reduces inflammation, it is taken by the people with digestion issues.
  • Raw honey contains natural sugars, carbohydrates and minerals which helps in boosting energy
  • Due to its anti-microbial properties, raw is considered as a super food

People often look for buying rich CBD infused honey online. So, for making our customers happy we would like to inform that we also have CBD Infused Honey online with us.

Hemp-Infused Honey - Wildflower

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